Inflict heavy damage quickly.


by Gobstopper

Haymaker decks are designed to inflict heavy damage quickly. They use Pokémon that have above-average attacks (>10 damage/Energy) for low Energy costs. The idea is to attack quickly, before the opponent can develop his bench.

All Haymaker decks have just basic Pokémon. Evolution is slow, so Haymaker decks avoid it. Most Haymaker Pokémon need only take one or two energies to perform and their first attacks lead up to the second.

Sample Haymaker Deck

4 Hitmonchan
4 Electabuzz L35
4 Scyther
4 Rocket's Zapdos
2 Chansey
3 Professor Elm
3 Computer Search
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Super Potion
3 Gust of Wind
3 PlusPower
2 Item Finder
8 Fighting Energy
8 Lightning Energy
3 Rainbow Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy

Haymaker Pokémon

Hitmonchan - The card most associated with the Haymaker archetype. This is largely because it is a Fighting Pokémon, and most popular Colorless Pokémon (Wigglytuff, Chansey, etc.) are weak to Fighting. Of course, since all Flying Pokémon are Resistant to Fighting, they also stand out. Hitmonchan Jabs for 20 for just (F) and throws a Special Punch that does 40 for (F)(F)(C). Jabs doubles to 40 against Colorless Pokémon, a lot of damage for just one Energy. This is the epitome of a Haymaker: do a lot of damage for a little Energy.

Electabuzz L35 - Does 30 or 40 for (L)(C). For just (L), Electabuzz will do 10 damage and have a chance at Paralysis.

Scyther L25 - This card is widely used in a variety of decks because of its Slash attack [30 damage for (C)(C)(C)].

Rocket's Zapdos - Plasma [20 damage for (L)] allows you to move an Energy card from your discard pile to Rocket's Zapdos. This is good for powering up Rocket's Zapdos's big attack, Electroburn [70 damage for (L)(L)(L)(C)]. Were it not for Plasma, this card would not be a Haymaker card.

Mewtwo L60 - Does 40 for (P)(P)(C). For (P), you can choose up to 2 energy cards from your discard pile and attach them to Mewtwo.

Rocket's Scyther - Does 40 damage for (G)(C)(C). Shadow Images attack creates an effect that lasts until Rocket's Scyther takes damage, or is Benched or is evolved. Under this effect, the opponent must flip a coin in order to attack Rocket's Scyther.

The following cards have some Haymaker properties and are good for filling extra spaces in your Haymaker deck:

Chansey and Lickitung L26 - These cards would be in your deck not for attacking but for stalling until you get Hitmonchan or Electabuzz out and powered.

Gligar - This Neo Genesis card can Slash for 20 damage for (C)(C) or do a Poison Sting for (F) that does 10 damage and has a chance of Poisoning.

Fossil Magmar]]] - Smog [(R)(R)] does 20 and has a chance of Poisoning. Smokescreen [(R)] does 10 damage and gives a chance of your opponent's next attack failing.


Trainers play a HUGE part in Haymaker decks. Most Trainers go for extra damage, card drawing, and remove Energies. Here are some of the best cards for Haymaker decks.

Professor Oak and Professor Elm - Move large numbers of cards into your hand. This important because speed is important. By drawing lots of cards you can get to the Pokémon you need quickly.

Computer Search - Used to pull needed Pokémon out of the deck.

Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal - Removes energy cards from opposing Pokémon. Slows the opponent down.

Gold Berry and Super Potion - Remove damage from your Pokémon.

Gust of Wind - The classic "I'd rather do damage to that Pokémon instead of this one" card.

PlusPower - Add extra damage to your attacks. Also helps speed the game by bringing KOs more quickly.

Item Finder - Recycle your trainers.

Bill - The classic card drawing card.

Decks Using This Archetype

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