Built around Blastoise's Rain Dance power.


A Raindance deck is a Pokémon Trading Card Game deck that uses Blastoise's Raindance power to quickly power up heavy-hitting Water Pokémon.

Just having Blastoise in a Water deck does not make it a Raindance deck. You have to use Pokémon that benefit the Raindance power, and Trainers that help you get your Pokémon and energy out quickly.

Sample Raindance Deck

4 Squirtle
4 Blastoise
4 Articuno
4 Seel
4 Dewgong
4 Pokémon Breeder
4 Professor Oak
4 Computer Search
2 Energy Flow
2 Gust of Wind
24 Water Energy

Raindance Pokémon

Not every Water Pokémon is a good Raindance Pokémon. Raindance Pokémon have powerful attacks that generally require plenty of Water Energy. Here are some examples of Raindance Pokémon:

Blastoise - Obviously, you need Blastoise for Raindance. Blastoise is also a decent attacker: with Hydro Pump you get 60 damage for (W)(W)(W)(W)(W). Of course, you need Squirtle and either Wartortle or Pokémon Breeder to get Blastoise.

Dark Blastoise - Can do 70 damage for (W)(W)(W)(W). The main problem with using Dark Blastoise is it evolves from the same Squirtles you need to bring out base Blastoise.

Articuno - Does 50 damage for (W)(W)(W)(W). Hard to find, though. A rare holo, very much in demand (for Raindance decks).

Dewgong - Does 50 damage for only (W)(W)(C). Evolves from Seel, a 60 HP Pokémon with a 10 damage for (W) attack.

Gyarados - Can do 50 for (W)(W)(W) or 40 with a chance for Paralysis for (W)(W)(W)(W). Evolves from the laughably weak Magikarp. Make sure you use the TR Magikarp, which has the Rapid Evolution attack.

Dark Gyarados - Can do 30 with a chance for Paralysis for (W)(W)(W). May be easier to get than base Gyarados, which is holofoil only. Also use TR Magikarp to evolve.

Giovanni's Gyarados - If you like bench manipulation, try Giovanni's Gyarados. For (W)(W)(C)(C), this Pokémon will do 40 damage and send the defending Pokémon back to the bench, to be replaced with a benched Pokémon of your choice.

Misty's Gyarados - Can do 70 for (W)(W)(W)(W), but watch out for its Rebellion power.

Psyduck L16 - Can do 40 damage for (W)(W)(W)(W). It's not as impressive as many of the other Raindance Pokemon. However, it's a common, so it should be fairly easy to get this card while you try to get Articunos and Gyaradoses.

Marill L17 - Can also do 40 damage for (W)(W)(W)(W).

Misty's Poliwhirl - This Pokemon has an attack, Water Punch, that is the Raindance equivalent of Exeggutor's Big Eggsplosion. Flip a number of coins equal to the number of Water Energy attached to Misty's Poliwhirl. This attack does 30 damage plus 10 damage for each heads. You can expect to do 50 for 4(W) and 70 for 8(W).

Lapras - At first sight, Lapras's attacks aren't that impressive. But further examination that this card is a good partner to the other Raindance Pokémon. Lapras's value lies in its stalling capabilities. With 80 HP, Lapras can hold out while other Pokémon power up. Confuse Ray can bestow upon the opponent the game's most insidious status effect-Confusion. This can buy you more time while you power up your team.

As you can see, each Pokémon brings different advantages and disadvantages to the table. Of course, this is common for the Pokémon TCG.

Raindance Trainers

Computer Search - Helps you bring out Pokémon into your hand.

Energy Flow - When your Active Pokémon gets burdened with damage, retreat it. Every so often, use Energy Flow to put the Energies attached to your weakened Pokémon back in your hand, so you can put them back out on your healthy Pokémon. Even better, play Energy Flow to pick them up, Pokémon Center to clear away the damage (with no energies to discard), then Raindance the Water Energies back out onto your now-healthy Pokémon. Or keep them in you hand, and play Gambler to put them back in your deck (in case you're in a card-drawing battle with a stall deck).

Energy Retrieval, Super Energy Retrieval - Lets you recover Energy from your discard pile and put it directly into your hand.

Gust of Wind - Bring out that 60HP coward hiding on your opponent's bench for the easy Knock Out.

Gambler - I recommend that everyone use this card, as it can save your bacon against a stall deck.

Misty's Tears - Allows you to exchange a card in your hand for 2 Water Energy. Enables you to bring out Water Energy more quickly.

Pokémon Breeder - If you do not use Wartortle, you'll need Breeder to evolve Squirtle directly to Blastoise. Use 1 Pokémon Breeder for each Blastoise.

Pokémon Trader - Also helps you get Pokémon into your hand so you can out them on your bench. If you don't like the idea of discarding cards, use this card instead of Computer Search.

Professor Oak and Professor Elm - You'll want 4 of the best card-drawing Trainer in the game. Oak and Elm will help you get plenty of Pokémon and Energy cards out quickly, so you can develop your Blastoise(s) and get Water Energy onto you Pokémon.

Decks Using This Archetype

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