Pokémon Trainers Energy
3 Aerodactyl
3 Hitmonchan
2 Tyrogue
2 Rhyhorn
2 Chansey
2 Kangaskhan
2 Lickitung
2 Unown [N]
3 Computer Search
3 Energy Retrieval
3 Pluspower
3 Switch
3 Gust of Wind
3 Gold Berry
2 Fossil Egg
2 Mysterious Fossil
2 Scoop Up

4 [P] Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy ||


Here's a deck with a Pokémon I build decks around often.

The idea behind this deck is to get Aerodactyl out as soon as possible. This is accomplished by Fossil Egg, or Mysterious fossil. Both are good if you get heads, but only can Aerodactyl make full use of his power if he comes out on the first turn. The rest are Pokémon with high HP for stalling, and Unown [N] for some defensive measure against Chansey's Double Edge. I've added a few Pokémon that may be strange for haymaker decks. I use Tyrogue since you and your opponent have the same 50/50 chance of doing damage, but you do 30 damage. Rhyhorn is another unseen card, however, with 40 HP and Leer, I can stall my opponent for quite a time, not to mention slap on Fighting and Double Colorless, and attack my enemy for 30. I think the Babies can get around Erika's Dratini. I'm not sure though. The rest of the trainers are for searching and adding power. Gold Berry heals.




Other Notes/Details

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