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From 2001-2004, I compiled and ran a website devoted on the Pokemon Trading Card game. Although the original site no longer operates, I still have the HTML articles which contain decks, card analyses, and lots of other great content. In 2012, I'm rebuilding the site as a wiki. The new format gives me access to several features that I didn't have with the original site, most noticeably built-in search. (A website without search these days is like a fish without water. Even if it survives, is it worth it?)

I haven't played the Pokemon TCG in almost a decade, but I'm still a fan. Who knows—in its heyday, the original Raichu's Pokemon

P.S. In case you are wondering about the name "Raichu," I used Raichu12 as a handle online years ago. I still use Raichu as a nickname among other Pokemon fans.

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