Rarity Common

Draw 2 cards.


The basic drawing card of the game. Considering the significance of card drawing in the PTCG, probably one of the least powerful. Provides random cards as opposed to specific ones (unless you play Pokédex beforehand).

Better Cards - There are just better card drawers out there. Professor Oak and Professor Elm give you a large option of cards do work with. While Computer Search can hunt down that one needed card. Blaine’s Gamble and Bill’s Transport Machine are risky, but can give you something do work with if heads. Erika can get you UP to 3 cards. Item Finder gets all of the above. Secret Mission isn’t that horrible either.

Bill is better than… - There are a lot of cards that are worse than Bill. Especially Blaine’s Quiz #1 and 2. They just stink. Bill is also better then promo Cleffa, but then again, those cards aren’t that good to begin with. Bill is just a simple card for simple players.

Combos - Bill is good when you need to pick up a card after using Recycle. Or getting some cards to use a Computer Search or Item Finder. Not a lot of combos because this card is pretty simple.

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