Card-Flip Game


Rarity Uncommon

Choose 1 of your opponent's face-down Prizes. Guess whether it is an Energy card, a Trainer card, or a Pokémon (Basic or Evolution) card. Flip the card face up (and leave it face up). If you guessed right, draw 2 cards.


This is what I call a "risky Bill."

Analysis by Gobstopper

So many questions about this card. Well, first off I just want to say this, why do the makers of this game keep making cards that are worse than and scarcer than Bill? I mean, Card-Flip Game is a uncommon, Blaine's Quiz 2 is a Uncommon, and Blaine's Quiz 1 is a Rare (I guess because it came in the original Japanese Deck. You know like the Rare Zubat and Rare Tentacool). Well, let's get into it.

First Question: Say if you used it (I should beat you up for using it) and you guessed, say a Basic Pokémon. You turned over a Baby Pokémon. In my opinion, no you wouldn't draw any cards. The card says that Evolution or Basic. I think thats one flaw that Wizards left out. Really weird since they both came out (Baby Pokémon and this card) in the same set.

Second Question: What if your opponent used a Here Comes Team Rocket. Then, on your next turn, you used Card-Flip Game. Could you use the card since it says choose a unflipped card? In my opinion, no. Because it says pick a card that isn't flipped over. Weird.

Why Use the Card?: I have no idea why someone would. This card reminds me a little of Blaine's Quiz 2, but way worse. If you needed extra Bills you could just use anything from Bill's Teleporter to Blaine's Quiz 1. When you use it, there's a good chance you won't get it right. And, either way, your helping out your opponent by flipping one of their prizes over.

Combos: It's good if you want to help your opponent win. You can't use it with HCTR, and there's a better chance of not getting it right then getting it right. Just stick with Bill or a Quiz.

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