Celadon City Gym


Rarity Uncommon

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. During each player's turn, that player may choose to discard an Energy card attached to 1 of his or her Pokémon with Erika in its name. If that player does so, that Pokémon is no longer Asleep, Confused, Paralyzed or Poisoned.


Analysis by Gobstopper

Not really a broken Stadium card, but it is there when you need it. It is kind of like a "just in case thing and it wouldn't hurt my deck anyway" thing.

Full Heal Forever? - Take out the Full Heal Energies if your planning on using alot of Erika's Pokémon. This Stadium card can remove stautes effects by removing a single energy. Not bad if you have Meganium out in play! Also good because it can remove both Posion and Confusion at the same time! This card pretty much cancels out Dark Gloom and Venomoth.

Stadium Benefits - Of course, it is an Stadium Card. So it can be removed by other Stadium Cards, which is common. But it can also remove other Stadium cards so that your duck will operated better. It is always good to have 2-3 Stadium Cards in you deck to prevent Chaos Gym or anything like that.

Discarding - Shouldn't be a huge problem. Just only use it when you really need, and make sure you have the energy to use it as well. Energy Trans would be saying a lot, but you could use it. Energy Flow is nice.

Combos - Of course, any Erika's Pokémon deck. Celadon City Gym can keep your Pokémon Power like Erika's Dratini and Erika's Vileplume running. It can keep the smaller Pokémon from being trapped into a Paralyzation or Poison. You could just put it in your deck to remove Stadiums though, but I'd suggest using Celadon City Gym instead.

Rating - It won't have a huge prolong effect on both players like Chaos Gym would, but it is there when you need it. I give Celadon City Gym a 7.0. But that is only in a Erika's Pokémon deck.

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