Cinnabar City Gym


Rarity Uncommon

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. Ignore Weakness when a Water Pokémon does damage to a Pokémon with Blaine in its name.


Analysis by Gobstopper

A card that can finally get rid of that annoying Weakness to Water. This card can finally help Blaine's Pokémon totally cancel out their Weakness to Water.

The Advantage: It really helps since most Blaine's Pokémon have high HP, so their huge Weakness to Water can finally be cancelled out. I suggest putting 2-3 of these in a deck if you want to be sure of eliminating the Weakness. I know from experience, Water decks will walk all over you if you don't have one of these or three in your deck.

Stadium Remover: If your playing a deck and you need a Stadium Card to remove others and you don't have any Water Pokémon, just stick some of these in. It gives your opponent no help at all no matter what kind of deck that they are playing. It just removes Stadium Cards which is very cool.

Combos: If your playing a Blaine's deck you must have a few of these cards in it. They are just extra advantages to you and taking away advantages from your opponent. It's a really effective card.

Rating: I give Cinnabar Island Gym 7.8. It helps your opponent in no way if you have no Water Pokémon and it helps out Blaine's Decks extremly.

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