Energy Flow


Rarity Common

For each of your Pokémon, you may return any number of Energy cards attached to it to your hand.


This card is useful for a number of reasons.

  • If your deck is running low and you have this card and Gambler or Professor Elm in your hand, use Energy Flow to move Energy from your Pokémon to your Hand, then use Gambler or Professor Elm to put it back in your deck.
  • If you're playing a Raindance deck, use Energy Flow and Raindance to move Energy from your damaged Pokémon to your healthy Pokémon.
  • If you're playing a Riptide (Feraligatr L69) deck, use Energy Flow and Downpour to discard Energy in play in order to use it with Riptide.
  • Play Energy Flow before Pokemon Center to remove energy from cards that have damage, so that that energy will not be discarded by Pokemon Center.

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