Giovanni's Last Resort


Rarity Rare

Remove all damage counters from 1 of your Pokémon with Giovanni in its name. Then discard your hand.


By Seifer: Hmm. I'm afraid this card isn't really so good. For one thing, this only works on ONE Giovanni's Pokémon. (Comment by Raichu: Perhaps it would have made more sense in a Stadium card?) It also discards you hand to fully heal it which is pretty risky. I would prefer using Pokémon Center for healing (nifty combos) and I usually discard my hand for the purpose of Professor Oak. Potions and Super Potions are even better. I just can't understand why it was made in the first place. I can't really combo it since it only works on Giovanni's Pokémon. The only time it's really useful is if it does end up in your hand as the last card and you have a seriously injured Pokémon (Giovanni's Nidoking).

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