Rarity Uncommon
Artwork A magnifying glass targeting a flock of Zubat in the sky.

Attach Magnifier to 1 of your Pokémon. At the end of your turn, discard Magnifier. If the Pokémon Magnifier is attached to attacks, don't apply Resistance for that attack.


Analysis by Deckbuilder through Eternity

This card is bound to be a center point of many decks. I'll show you why.

Ignore Resistance: By far, this is a hat trick. Ignoring Resistance is an excellent effect. It is a godsend for Fighting Pokémon, with Resistance to Fighting being so common and Fighting-Resistant Pokémon having been used frequently for so long. Psychic Pokémon will breathe easier that they can put the hurt on Colorless and Darkness Pokémon. (Note that it will not affect the damage to self when a confused Psychic Pokémon attacks and gets tails.) Finally, it will help those who rely on Rocket's Zapdos and other powerful Lightning Pokémon, as Resistance to Lightning is becoming more common these days.

The only thing stopping this card from getting a perfect 10.0 is the fact that so many cards can deny trainers, these include Slowking, Noctowl, Lass, etc. In my opinion Magnifier will be a mighty tool for Fighting and Psychic Pokémon. Other than the standard Trainer deniers, this card is the perfect card for tight situations.

Raichu's Response: This would be much better as a Pokémon Tool or something that stayed on the Pokémon. Compare to Pewter City Gym, for example. Instead, this works for only one turn, for only one attack. If you don't KO the problematic Pokémon in one hit, or face multiple Pokémon with the same Resistance, you will eventually have to use Trainer recovery to continue getting the effect.

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