Pewter City Gym


Rarity Uncommon

Stadium Rule: Pewter City Gym stays in play when you play it. Discard Pewter City Gym if another Stadium card comes into play.

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. Don't apply Resistance to any attacks made by Pokémon with Brock in their names.


Analysis by Gobstopper

I'm glad that Brock doesn't have a Base Set Hitmonchan. :) Let's see what Brock can use with this card.

What Pokémon Can Use It? A lot of Brock's Pokémon can. Some of the biggest ones are Brock's Golem, Brock's Rhydon, and Brock's Onix. This card can also be used if you have Brock's Golbat and are fighting one of the new Steel Pokémon. Not a lot of situations to use it, but if there is a situation, use it.

Stadium Advantage: As a lot of you know, it's a Stadium Card so it can Knock others Stadium Cards to the discard. The same can happen to this card so there isn't a lot of worry or advantage about that.

Combos: Of course, it belongs in a Brock's deck. That's if you have some Fighting Pokémon, because that's where the big Resistance problem is. It's only good if in a Brock's deck, it should be in a Brock's deck. Finally, a easy way to get past Scyther's Resistance.

Rating: I give Pewter City Gym a 6.9. It deserves this because there isn't a lot of Pokémon that are Brock's that are going to have problems with Resistance.

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