Rocket's Hideout


Rarity Uncommon

Each Pokémon in play with Dark in its name (even your opponent's) gets +20 HP.


Analysis by Bluepokenut

This card has given the Pokémon cards with Dark in their name a much needed boost in HP. Pokémon with dark in their name have low HP. A typical Dark Stage 2 has the same HP as the Stage 1 from which its non-Dark counterpart evolves. In this Stadium, Dark Pokémon have 20 more HP. Dark Alakazam now has 80 HP instead of 60 HP, Dark Charizard has 100 instead of 80, etc. This makes Dark Pokémon more competitive.

There is a huge drawback to this card. It is a stadium card. It can be removed by you, or your opponent, playing another Stadium card. If that happens, the Dark Pokémon's HP goes back to normal. If you have a Dark Pokémon that has the original HP in damage on it (or 10 more) and Rocket's Hideout is replaced or removed, that Pokémon will be Knocked Out immediately. If you use this card, make sure you account for this and keep damage off of your Dark Pokémon.

With the release of Neo Destiny, there are several new Dark Pokémon that can benefit from this card. I believe this card will be widely used.

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