Saffron City Gym


Rarity Uncommon

Stadium Rule: Saffron City Gym stays in play when you play it. Discard Saffron City Gym if another Stadium card comes into play.

As often as each player likes during his or her turn (before attacking), that player may return 1 basic Energy card attached to 1 of his or her Pokémon with Sabrina in its name to his or her hand.


Analysis by Gobstopper

This card is like a miniature Energy Flow that works with only Sabrina's Pokémon. Let's see how good this card is.

The Ability to Return:- You can take as much energy as you can a turn. Because it says as often as you like. This card is also like Energy Transfer in a way too. You take a energy off one of your Sabrina's Pokémon and reattach it to another. Or you can just take energy away before a Pokémon gets Knocked Out or Knocks Out itself.

Downsides: As a professional Pokémon Trading Card Game player (yes, he actually said that -Raichu), I usually never find a situation where Energy Flow or this trainer card is useful. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty useful, I just never find a time when I need it. I like to keep a constant attack and get my energy back with Nightly Garbage Run. That's all I think is wrong about this card except that it can be discarded because it's a Stadium Card.

It's a Stadium: It's a Stadium Card so that means you can remove other Stadium Cards with it. Stadium cards that disrupt your game such as Chaos Gym and No Removal Gym.

Combos: I don't see any real combos with this card unless your returning energy to your hand and replacing it or returning it back into your hand so your Pokémon's energy doesn't get discarded. This card might work well to switch a energy and then use a Super Potion.

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